Compliments: A Woman's Greatest Weakness

Fact is that men want to compliment women but the problem is that, they are usually doing it wrong. They usually make the wrong approach and so rather then women feeling special, they feel taken advantage of. Although a man intends to get to know her better, sometimes a woman feels like he is only playing with her. And this happens, when the wrong approach is taken.

What to compliment a girl about. It may prove to be even more challenging when the woman is very attractive. With a beautiful face and body, it would only be natural that she gets compliments everywhere she goes. So it's nothing new when a guy says, "you're beautiful" or "you have the most beautiful eyes", as she hears this all too frequently. When a guy says these things, the first thing that would come to her mind is that he only wants to get physical with her. The usual compliments are meant to give that effect but what a woman really wants to feel is that the guy sees so much more to her than just
the physical appearance. So how should it be done?

Guys, be specific with what you say to a woman. A great tip is that, the more beautiful a woman is, the less you should be pointing the obvious - the less comments you should make about her look. A woman too gorgeous, will already know about this and the fact that you keep telling that, will only make her react negatively towards you. Rather, notice things about her that are not given enough attention like how her eyes twitch when she smiles, how graceful she walks, how cute her laugh is and so on. If you do this, you are actually showing her that you are unlike other men out there and this will surely get her to notice you. Read facts about relationships here at

Try engaging her in an intelligent conversation. As they say, the most attractive and powerful part of a woman's body is her brain. Yes, challenge her to a conversation on opinions or what you may think over a specific subject that she may be interested in. Women love depth, as they find this to be the most intimate moment with men. This is also a great way to really know the woman from how you just see her. You may just be surprised at how so much more she really is.

How to compliment a girl without being awkward? As much as women love to be complimented, there is such a thing as over-complimenting. Anything that's done in abundance is not always beneficial. Sometimes, you just got to let her be. She is a thing of beauty that has to be admired the right way.